Stump Grinding Estimates:

Some grinders charge by the number of stumps: it doesn’t matter how big that stump is. You may get over-charged if you only have a couple of small stumps.
Some charge by the stump size. Costs range from $2 – $10/per inch measured at ground level. This is normally measured at the longest diameter of the stump.
Others, that offer “Free Estimates”; factor their costs into the first visit they have to make to see “the job”. This visit may add to your cost in the final analysis.

Discount Stump Grinding makes it simple!

You have 3 choices:

1.  Free On-Site visit.
2.  Free On-Line estimate when you fill out the form at the “Free Estimates” tab.
3.  Since we have a machine that can go into more places than most any others, and do most anything, we can offer an hourly rate of $75/hour with a two hour minimum.  This is normally the best price!